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The love story between Charles Sebbens and Catherine Alexander was ordinary. The two met when they were at University, both studying English studies and the two fell head over heels for one another. The plan was that they were both to become schoolteachers after graduation and that is exactly what happened. It was a picture perfect life, at least to everyone on the outside, but the two struggled with money issues and the picture perfect plan was to wait to have children. That, however, did not happen and, after discovering that Catherine was pregnant, the two quickly married and welcomed their son, Alexander, soon after.

The struggle of earning one schoolteachers salary while Catherine was on maternity leave was especially hard on the young couple after Alex was born. Their new son barely slept through the night and he was a rather fussy baby. Still, they counted their blessings and simply dealt with the cards they were given, hopeful that they would be able to make it through. Alex never noticed the struggle that both of his parents went through, despite being a very curious baby that turned into a toddler. He was a typical boy, getting into trouble and generally causing mischief. Despite these facts, the two young parents still planned to add to their brood. Three years after the birth of their son, the Sebbens would introduce Helena to their family.

Alex immediately took a shine to his younger sister and would offer to help his parents in any way that a three year old possibly could. When he went to school, he would often make crafts for his younger sister and he had a tendency of reading her bed time story to her each night. Other days, days when he was not getting enough attention, he would throw tantrums and ignore his sister entirely. Despite all of this, there was a lot of love in the household and it would shine through to all of his teachers that Alex was generally a good boy who tried hard. His marks in school, however, were a different story, and it was clear that he was much more adept at sports, football specifically. Just as the tyke was getting into his sports, his mother told him he would be a big brother one more time and he was hopeful for another little boy, one that he could play with, instead he was greeted with another sister, Odela, who he loved but he secretly always had high hopes his parents would try for another child so he could finally have the brother he always wanted.

Now with their family complete, Alex was able to blossom into the role of big brother and oldest son, trying his hardest in his classes, while excelling on the field. Charles loved watching his only son on the field, playing both football and rugby. When Alex was sixteen years old he was a star athlete and his whole world would be rocked when he would be asked to be in a play to fill a vacancy. His mother had dragged him to the theatre before and he mostly enjoyed himself, even if he would not admit to it. He reluctantly agreed and it would change his life forever. Being onstage was such a rush; something that he could not even begin to explain, and his life suddenly was turned upside down. Alex had been an athlete and now he was happier onstage than he ever was playing a sport. Charles was disappointed, to say the very least, but still supportive of Alex and his change of heart.

After a year of preparing himself to audition for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Alex was shocked to find that the green actor had been accepted into the program. It was completely unexpected but Alex relished in the hard work put into making himself a good enough actor for such a program and he promised to apply himself to whatever he could do. It was around the same time that his younger sister, Odela, auditioned for Harry Potter, and he could not have been more proud of his family, for their faith and loving support of all of their dreams. Even though his younger sister was making waves, Alex kept his nose to the grindstone and applied himself, hoping to become a wonderful stage actor in his times at RADA. Upon graduation he was cast in a new play, The History Boys and it was an absolute dream for Alex to make a living at something that he loved.

The transition from schooling to the stage was hard at first, however, but Alex was bound and determined to make it all work. There was a sense of drive and commitment to everything he did and he translated when he was onstage. To be able to create a role and move it to Broadway and then to film was honestly overwhelming for the young actor. Still, he kept up his work ethic and tried his best not to let himself get too bogged down in all the chaos that surrounded him. It was an honor to just be a working actor, no matter how small the pay, and he never wanted the notoriety anyway. It was comfortable for him to be onstage, occasionally take some small television or film roles as they came but he never dreamed of anything more. He was content to just be working.

However, when the opportunity came for him to audition for an American show called, Once Upon a Time, he took the opportunity and ran with it. It was a role that fascinated him and really, at the end of the day, all he wanted to do was play interesting characters. After working on the show for two years, he took his final bow, still tirelessly working in both film and television, also supporting a role on Orphan Black, a BBC show, and sinking his teeth into a new show, The Fall, where he would play a serial killer. Alexander Sebbens was an actor to be on the look out for it but he never thought he would acheive a lot of fame.

That would all change when his agent asked him to audition for Fifty Shades of Grey, based on the novel of the same name. It was a joke to him to even be asked to come in the room but he still gave it his all, knowing full well he was not well known enough for such a silly role. Little did he know that the casting folks loved him enough to offer him the role after another actor would drop-out. Always up for a challenge, Alex accepted and shot the film, playing the mysterious Christian Grey. Suddenly he was everywhere and the film, although panned, has given him that fame he never wanted. How he handles it from here is completely up to him.

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father mother sisters charles (58) catherine (58) helena (30) + ella (26)

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